Book an Appointment


What should I do after booking an appointment?

Please, arrive to the office 15 minutes before your appointment.

Try to come fasting since we might need to do blood work.

Please, bring all your medications with you.

If you are coming for the first time and have medical records, please bring them with you.

Is there any extra steps if I am applying for a clinical trial?

If you are coming to apply for a clinical trial, no extra steps are needed.  You can tell the front desk that you are coming to screen for a clinical study.  There will be no charge for this visit and you will be evaluated to see if qualify to any of our ongoing studies.

What should I bring with me?

Bring with you all the current medications that you are taking and any medical records or lab results that you mihgt have.

Do you accept medical insurance?

We do not accept medical insurance.  All our charges are on cash basis at a very affordable rates for non insured patients.  We accept cash or credit card payments.

What are the costs for the visit?

Please, call our office to know about our affordable rates. We have rates for physical and fasting blood work, medical consults, PAP smears, Immigration physicals and flight physicals.

What is needed for the Immigration Physical Examination?

Please, bring a picture ID and any previous records of immunization.

What age range do you accept?

We accept ages 6 years and above.  No immunizations are offered to children.  They can receive them at no cost in the Health Department.

Still have questions?